Home Based Business Leads – 5 Easy Tips for Buying Leads

When you first started on your journey with a home based business you were probably like everyone else. Excited, pumped ready to get going and build a great business. Finding home based business leads is just a matter of making a list and talking with people about your opportunity. Why wouldn’t everyone be as excited as yourself and see the potential lurking beneath the water? Well, thinking that everyone would be thinking like yourself unfortunately leaves your floating around in unchartered waters. It simply does not work that way.

The internet has changed every aspect of our lives, including the way we think, live and breathe. What worked 15-20 years ago no longer works and you need to change your thinking to match the times.

So where do you find “hot” prospects for your home based business? You can do one of three things:
1) You can buy leads or
2) you can build your own list or
3) do it the old fashioned way and work your warm market.

All 3 of these methods work but today let’s concentrate on buying home based business leads to build your business.

The first thing to get clear when going the lead route is “buying” does not equal success. Simply buying a lead is not a guarantee of a golden nugget. It will take work to bring that lead on board just as it takes work on the back end to do the other two methods. But buying leads is a great option and if done correctly, can definitely help grow your business quicker.

So if buying leads is the route you choose here are 5 easy tips to ensure a successful transition from lead to customer or business partner.

1. Look for a good lead company, one who has leads that are truly “hot” prospects. A good rule of thumb would be no older than a few weeks, preferably a lead who is “fresh and hot” right off of the turntable. Any older and it is a waste of time and money.

2. Be sure the lead is “qualified”. In other words, be sure the company you are using does not offer incentives to join their list or fill out a survey. You want a lead who was interested enough to fill out a survey without any prodding or coaching.

3. Make sure the company you use does not “oversell” the leads. In other words, how many other people have already received these leads as prospects before you? If any more than 2, don’t waste your money. The lead will likely be one of two things:
1) Gone as in someone else got them before you or
2) so frustrated with being called they won’t answer the telephone.

4. Deal with a company who does an accuracy check on addresses and phone numbers. Nothing is more frustrating than calling a group of leads to find that 1 or 2 out of 10 are good numbers.

5. Make sure the leads are 100% “opt-in” leads. In other words, no leads which have been recycled over and over again and spit out to you as a “hot” lead.

If you find a company that adheres to the above, then chances are the leads will be good, quality leads for your business. The rest is up to you.

There is no magic bullet but starting with good, quality home based business leads is definitely a step in the right direction for building a lasting and sustainable home based business.